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Initially a bi-weekly (26×26’) sports series with a difference, ‘Better Than Four’ brings viewers all the action from all things two-wheeled. As well as profiling past, present and future heroes of cycling, ‘Better Than Four’ includes news features and highlights from the very latest events. Each episode is also packed with tips and tricks to try at home, as well as reviews of the latest kit, equipment and cycling films. Changing gears from traditional cycling coverage, ‘Better Than Four’ takes viewers to new, exotic locations, from the volcano bike-ride in Bali to jungle biking around the Mayan temples of South America. Each episode will include up to 3 segments covering cycling and biking events from all over the world. With amazing footage and commentary from experienced cyclists, daredevil skills and awe-inspiring camerawork, this groundbreaking show is a must for cycling enthusiasts and novices alike.

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(52 x 30') HD
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