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Have you ever been sitting in the cinema, feeling as though you’re about to go out of the tunnel onto the pitch? Immersed in the noise and the roars of the fans in complete surround sound? For the first time ever, a football club has it’s own film… in 3D!

This film allows the viewer to experience the unique sensation of being on the pitch, reliving the greatest goals in the history of Boca Juniors. Whilst also discovering the life stories of some of the club’s biggest stars: Carlos Tevez, Martin Palermo, Juan Roman Riquelme, and Diego Maradona. These are stories that will engage everyone, especially fans of Argentinian football.

Boca Juniors is a 3D roller-coaster of entertainment, The film that’s essential viewing for any football fan. The Boca experience will grab your attention.

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(1 x 108') 3D
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Boca Juniors
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