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A foray through the lives of six people who could not be more different and who are connected by an unusual passion: cycling sports. Ultra cycling, to be more precise. The aim is to cycle thousands of kilometers nonstop on […]


Nick Knowles joins a diverse group including a policewoman and taxi driver to undergo an intense detox and healing programme on a Thai island paradise. Is 28 days enough to change their lives?


Edu Marin takes on the most challenging project of his life: climbing one of the world’s hardest big walls “Panaroma”, with his 62 year-old father, Francisco Marin “Novato”. Father and son take their lives into their own hands with the […]


Caribbean Workout is the longest running and the best fitness show available. With 18 consecutive seasons of broadcast. The long-term success of the program can be attributed to extremely knowledgeable hosts, the presentation of the latest fitness trends, unsurpassed production […]

Caribbean Workout

“Unbeaten,” the second film from award-winning documentary filmmaker Steven C. Barber, is an inspirational story that chronicles the exploits of 31 paraplegics for six days, as they make their way in wheelchairs and hand cycles in what is known as […]


Leading author and marriage counselor, Dr. Gary Chapman presents his concept of love languages, which is expressed through one of five modes: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service or physical touch. Chapman argues that whilst each of […]

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Set on the beautiful beaches of the Hawaiian Islands, ‘Bodies In Motion’ will get viewers motivated, off their couches and into shape! Gilad Janklowicz, a pioneer in the fitness industry, has helped millions get fit and continues to inspire with […]

Bodies in Motion_new

Initially a bi-weekly (26×26’) sports series with a difference, ‘Better Than Four’ brings viewers all the action from all things two-wheeled. As well as profiling past, present and future heroes of cycling, ‘Better Than Four’ includes news features and highlights […]