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The Jolly Boys follows the reality of this strangely mixed bunch of characters that cross over 50 years of musicianship as they come together to travel the world and perform across for major celebrities across multiple continents. ┬áThe elder members […]

The Jolly Boys

Masters of Music is a new HD produced series comprising of the most prestigious names in modern Classical music! The line-up includes: 1. Teddy Tahu-Rhodes [Opera] Richard Mills [Composer] 2.Antoinette Halloran [Opera] Brett Dean [Composer] 3.Andrew Wailes – Conductor/Artistic Director, […]

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This documentary follows a group of opera lovers striving to keep the local tradition of opera alive and ensure the reopening of the Theatre of Port-Louis. At over 200 years old, it is an integral part of the international opera […]

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