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Muay Thai Grand Prix, the premier Muay Thai and K-1 UK based promotion, featuring competitors from all over the globe.


FITE In Focus is a one-hour weekly magazine focusing on Ring Sports. Think of it as modern day “Wide World of (Combat) Sports”.  Each hourly episode will feature top bouts in MMA, wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai and other combat disciplines […]


FITE TV is the global leader in the live combat sports genre.  No one delivers more live combat sports programming than FITE TV.  Twice a month FITE will distribute the top events from the world of Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, […]


Three ordinary people with an extreme pursuit – Cage Fighting – push themselves and their families to the brink, as they struggle to balance their daily lives with the sacrifices needed to be the best in the world’s toughest sport.


Bursting onto the scene in October 2009, the Queensbury Boxing League was developed by former boxing champion Ross Minter and Alan Foley to create a dynamic new boxing organisation within the UK. Offering fighters the chance to compete and test […]

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