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Welcome to the SoccerEx Global Convention — an event that has brought together leading football personalities, clubs and media companies from around the footballing world. We’ll be discussing the destination of the 2026 World Cup, finding out how clubs and […]

Soccerex Football Festival - Manchester: Day Two

Have you ever been sitting in the cinema, feeling as though you’re about to go out of the tunnel onto the pitch? Immersed in the noise and the roars of the fans in complete surround sound? For the first time ever, a football club has it’s own film… […]

Boca Juniors

Dubbed the ‘fifth Beatle’, George Best crossed the line between sportsman and celebrity, becoming the first ever-British sporting superstar and pioneer whose influence can be seen to this day. Includes contributions from Michael Parkinson and Bobby Charlton, as well as […]

George Best crop

Step outside the field with a look into the lives of football’s greatest stars. Action-packed footage and highlights of memorable games are featured throughout every episode. This is the first up-close and personal series about the superstar athletes who play […]

Football Legends crop

Football Heroes is a compilation of half-hour episodes devoted to the star players of the world’s most loved game. From Messi, Ronaldo, to Zidane: all of the latest and greatest players are highlighted in this must-see series.

Football Heroes crop

Do you live, breath and dream about Football?  This programme covers the key players, coaches, teams, teams, grounds, preparations, merchandise, speculations, controversy, changes, new faces, old legends and more. Sure to satisfy the most dedicated of football fans!

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We can deliver between 20-40 hours per month of the most up-to-date English Football League Total Access clips including: Pre and Post match interviews with players and managers, player profiles, behind the scenes bloopers, day in the life pieces and […]

English Football League Total Access