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Boulder Creek is proud to represent The Remote Airfields series✈️ Each 26-minute episode explores the history of an airbase in a remote location.

The series explores the relationship between the airbases and their local communities in often stunning locations. It investigates why people fly there and how these remote airports offer a gateway and a lifeline to the rest of the world.

Locations include distant places such as the Cocos Keeling Islands, Xmas Island and Truscott. The Truscott Airfield has an incredible history. It has been classified and entered into the Council of the National Trust of Australia (WA) list of Heritage Places due to its significance during World War II.

The airfield was originally constructed in 1944 by the RAAF Airfield Construction Unit as a Royal Australian Air Force(RAAF) base and was actively used during World War II. RAAF Truscott was named after the Australian air ace, Keith “Bluey” Truscott, who had been killed in a training accident in 1943.

Construction and the subsequent operations from the base were conducted under total secrecy and the existence of the base was never formally acknowledged until after the war. At the end of the war the base was closed down, with it playing a small role as a transit camp for the repatriation of Dutch citizens from the former Netherlands East Indies in 1946.

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