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‘This is Exile’ is an extraordinary intimate portrait of child refugees forced to flee from the violence of Syria’s civil war to neighbouring Lebanon. Filmed over a year by the Emmy-award winning director Mani, the documentary tells the stories of the children’s lives in their own words and captures the moving truth of how they deal with loss, hardship and the poignancy of dashed hopes.

Their testimony in this film is a beautifully crafted microcosm of the human cost of the ongoing civil war in Syria that has forced over 4 million people to flee; half of whom are children. There is still no end to the war in sight.

The documentary works as a timeless creation that engages with the essence of what it is to be exiled from your home and the normality of life. With its truly poetic visual style there is space for the mind to wander through the film’s locations and to understand the profoundly disturbing truth that these children are unlikely to see their homeland again until adulthood.

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