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Having developed an expertise in the design and production of brand experiences among 13- to 34-year olds, Tribu Expérientiel brings together companies and the young through on-line strategies and concrete initiatives that translate into positive word of mouth communication. Action sports and its related lifestyle are at the very foundation of our expertise. MISSION Create unique experiences that spark conversation and forge lasting bonds between target youth and companies; Position our clients as leaders while enhancing their coolness factor. PHILOSOPHY Our approach stems from a very old concept rooted in the behaviourist principle: When a human being participates, interacts, and touches, he or she develops an attachment. Showcasing stunning performances by the best action sports athletes in Canada in various high-octane episodes of urban events held in Montreal’s beautiful cityscapes. Discover the exciting action sports featured at EMPIRE CITY TROOPERS (December), BARBEGAZI (February), MUD ROCKER (June) and JACKALOPE (July). All events take place in the heart of the city in a festive atmosphere, resulting in thrilling and unforgettable moments. Each event attracts approximately 100 participants from several countries around the world, including North America, Europe and Asia. A powerful mix of spectacular tricks, technical ability and epic scenery. For a full breakdown of their catalogue and the events that are available, click here to check out the whole portfolio

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